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CX Corporation are not responsible for support of your computer, operating system and other software you may be using for preparation of material to use in the Court. We will provide you with as many resources as possible to assist you with use of the system on this web site, in addition to links to other sites that may provide you with the information you need for filing electronically. Typically your operating system and word processor are supported by the company from which you purchased the product or your technical support personnel.
CX Corporation provides a monthly training class free of charge to  instruct users on the basics of electronic filing and document preparation.

Don't wait until the last minute to review the information regarding electronic filling in this court.


Links to other technology resources. The following are links to other web sites that may be of help. We will add to this list as other useful links are discovered.

Microsoft Office Products including MS Word

Word Perfect:

Compression Software:


PK Zip

Other Compression Software and Utilities